About Runhua

Wuxi Runhua Municipal Greening Co., Ltd. was established on April 10, 2010. After nearly 9 years of continuous expansion and accumulated experience, it has become a company with strong comprehensive economic strength, sound management and management, integrating the construction and maintenance of municipal public works; garden landscape greening Design, construction, maintenance; comprehensive municipal greening enterprise integrated with nursery planting, maintenance and management, with a registered capital of 10.88 million yuan.
Since its establishment, the company has been committed to creating high-quality brands and creating model demonstration projects. The total area of the nursery managed by our company is over 2,000 mu, and there are more than 300 kinds of seedlings. Among them, the valuable species include tufted citron, tufted hackberry, tufted beech, tufted black cypress, tufted camphor, and so on.
In the past 9 years of entrepreneurial development, our company has gradually improved its organization and realized a modern management model. It has a marketing department, an engineering department, a maintenance department, a finance department, and a general office. There are more than 70 employees. It has more than 60 sets of mechanical equipment, including two excavators, two 25T cranes, one aerial work vehicle, three 12T sprinklers, five trucks, two business vehicles, two vans, one medium-sized tractor, 11 lawn machines, 12 hedge trimmers, 5 lawn sprayers, manual gasoline saws, high-tech chainsaws, 30 water pumps, 1 5 kW generator, engineering molds, templates, drawing instruments, computers, etc. Various types of garden greening tools and auxiliary tools have laid a good foundation for improving the quality of the project, strengthening the progress of the project, and creating high-quality projects.
Green, giving birth to vitality and vitality, represents life and hope. In order to develop the landscaping business in China and beautify the living environment of human beings, our company will always maintain the business philosophy of "honesty, quality first", seize the opportunity, open up the market, and create quality projects. On the basis of strong internal quality and external image, based on the principle of sincere service and customer first, together with friends from all walks of life, we can make new contributions to urban greening and jointly create a brilliant tomorrow.

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